When it comes to your headshot session, a little bit of planning can go a long way. And just like any production, it’s a collaboration. You and your photographer need to work together to ensure you get the best results. A good headshot photographer will provide all the information you need well ahead of the shoot, help you with styling, plan the shoot with you and provide you with plenty of direction on the day. But what else can you do to help make the session a success?


Knowing what to wear for your headshot shoot is always a key consideration. Take a look at the Seven C’s for Complete Headshot Wardrobe Success and you’ll have everything you need on the day. Your photographer should also be happy to look at choices before the shoot if you need a little extra help with planning and styling. Washing, ironing and careful packing are also really important to ensure you and your clothes look great.


When you arrive for your shoot your photographer should spend a little time with you chatting about what it is you want to walk away with at the end of the shoot. Is it a quick top up with a reference shot for a new hair style? Is there a particular character type of casting that you’re looking for? Does your agent have a strong view on the shots you need? Is editorial a consideration? Have you seen headshots that you love that you can share in advance or on the day? Have a think about what you want from the shoot and on the day, you’ll find it much easier to brief your photographer, review your portraits on the day and get the results you need.


Do you know exactly where the shoot is happening? Have you worked out your route? How long will the journey take? Is there any travel disruption? It seems basic, but travel issues on the day can you leave you feeling flustered or worse still make you late – which means less time you for the headshots you’re paying for. Aim to arrive early, relaxed and ready to perform.


Your headshots will be edited to look naturally like the best version of you. But remember, your photographer probably hasn’t met you before. And even if they have looked at your previous headshots, they may not have a good understanding of how you look today. Sure, that blemish isn’t a permanent feature, but are you always quite so heavy eyed? Just how pale is your skin normally? Help your photographer know what your best looks like by looking as close to your best as you can. Don’t worry about a shaving cut or a little skin outbreak, these things happen but do arrive well rested, well hydrated and well prepared with lip balm, moisturiser or anything else you may need to look your best. What you do the day before your headshots can be just as important as what you do on the day itself.


If you have any thoughts on editing, retouching notes or do’s and don’ts for your final images jot down a few notes before your session. That way you’ll be sure to remember everything and you’ll leave the studio confident that you’ve covered everything with your photographer before the editing starts.

With just a little bit of planning ahead you can enjoy a session that’s calm and confident for both you and your headshot photographer, and gets the very best results for your time and money on the day.