Pricing & Packages


One Hour Session
+ 30 Minute Consultation
+ 2 Edits

Two Set Ups & Three Outfits

Perfect to top up your headshot portfolio for a specific role, capture a new look or to simply get started with a small selection of headshots.



Two Hour Session
+ 30 Minute Consultation
+ 3 Edits

Three Set Ups & Five Outfits

Great for anyone looking to get a fully rounded set of headshots or portraits – take advantage of the extra time to really focus on range, styles and characters.



Three Hour Session
+ 30 Minute Consultation
+ 5 Edits


Capture a wide range of styles, characters and moods – you really will be spoilt for choice by the end of this session with headshots, portraits and full-length shots.


Pricing for Theatre, Film, Corporate or Commercial work is available on request.

How To Book

Just click on the button below to contact me and I'll arrange your session with you.

Once we’ve set a date and time you can secure your booking by paying a £50 deposit via my online booking system – Photo Workflow – using the link I send you.

Editing & Further Information

After your session you’ll receive a complete set of contact sheets to choose your final edits from. Editing is a crucial step in the process, so I personally retouch every single image you select, paying careful attention to detail to bring out the very best from your shoot while keeping everything looking authentic and natural.

I use Photo Workflow to manage my diary and your contact sheets, so it’s really easy for you to share, select, order and download the headshots you want. Your session is stored for two years, so if you want to log in and pick additional images at any time that’s no problem at all.

Additional edits are available at £20/edit (or £15/edit for students).

Please note that your £50 deposit is non-refundable, but can be carried over to another booking if you cancel no less than 48 hours before our shoot. The balance of your session fee must be paid not less than 48 hours before your session.

Full Terms & Conditions are available here.


What's your approach?

Where are you based?

How do I prepare for a shoot?

What's a session with you like?

What happens after my session?

Where can I find out more?


What's your approach?

Hello! I’m Roj, a highly experienced professional headshot and portrait photographer. I’ve even picked up an award or two along the way. I’ve set out to ensure my headshot sessions are Creative, Authentic, Sensibly Priced and Tailored to You. I want everyone I shoot with to be completely confident about two things.

Firstly, your headshot or portrait will be more than just a great likeness. It will represent you, your personality and the roles or opportunities you’re looking for. Which is why every shoot with me begins with a free 30 minute consultation, so we can chat through your requirements and develop the brief for your session to ensure everything is tailored to your individual needs.

Secondly, your headshots are going to stand out with a character and quality that makes a great first impression and demands a second look. Your headshots need to be authentic and compelling images that grab the viewer and pop off the screen or page, even as a thumbnail. So in your session I will work with you creatively, directing you to get the best from your sitting and to allow your individuality and character to shine through. And if you have strong ideas about how you’d like your shots to look, that’s no problem. I’ll work with you to bring those ideas to life.

My personal approach isn’t about always working to a set style that I happen to like.
Or pumping out the same old headshot over and over on a production line.

It’s about your personal goals and the images that you need to succeed.

Because with over 30 years of experience in the creative industry, including hundreds of casting calls and reviewing thousands of headshots, I really do understand the most important part of the whole process.


Where are you based?

My studio can be found right here:
The Nest, Studio 502, The Archives, Unit 10, High Cross Centre, N15 4BE.

Take the Tube to Tottenham Hale Station on the Victoria Line or a very short hop from London Liverpool Street or Stratford on the Overground. From there it’s just a short walk to The Archives. If you have trouble finding The Archives it’s in the same building as the Stronghold Climbing Centre Tottenham, which you can find on City Mapper and Google Maps:

There’s a coffee shop on the first floor connected to the climbing centre and a large café/bar on the ground floor to the left of the main entrance if you need refreshment or fancy bringing a coffee with you.

How do I prepare for a shoot?

Preparation is everything and it means that on the day we shoot you can get the best from our time together. So it’s always best to arrive a little early, well rested, hydrated and ready to look and give your best.

Bring as many outfits as you like. I love options. But it’s time to whip out the old iron because I hate creases! Honestly, this really can make a huge difference to your headshots. My advice is bring the clothes that you love to wear – pieces that tell the world who you are and that you feel really comfortable in. Patterns, textures, coats and jackets – nothing is off the table. So let’s get them all up on the rail in the changing area and chat through your best options. In general it’s better to keep your make up for headshot sessions light and natural – it’s all about accentuating rather than disguising your natural look - but we can go a little heavier for certain looks or styles.

And if you want to shave your moustache, beard, stubble or head mid-shoot that's absolutely no problem at all - although you might want to book a two or three hour session.

What's a session with you like?

I keep sessions relaxed and informal so if we run over time a little, it’s no problem. I want you to leave the studio feeling confident that you have everything you need. We'll work our way toward the images that you need and review the shots as we go - and I'll be guiding you every step of the way.

What happens after my session?

After your headshot session I’ll send you a full set of digital contact sheets through Photo Workflow within 5 working days so you can make your final choices before I work on your edits. I carefully edit all of the images myself to ensure they are clean, natural, authentic and deliver on your brief. Temporary imperfections are all removed – so if there’s anything about your appearance that won’t be there in two weeks time, it won’t be in your final edit either. And if you have editing notes, you can leave these for me in the comments on Photo Workflow. For me the editing is a significant part of the process because this is where we develop and enhance the story that each headshot or portrait is looking to tell. Please allow up to 7 working days for your edits. But if you need an express service, just let me know.

Where can I find out more?

Just take a look at my blog pages here on the website - there's a lot of really useful information and advice to help your choose and prepare for your session.

And feel free to contact me anytime - just click on the Get In Touch button below.

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