If you’re unsure about the clothes you should bring to a headshot session, don’t worry – you’re not alone! It’s one of the most common questions before a shoot. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can think about to help guide your selection. Follow the Seven C’s for Complete Headshot Wardrobe Success.


Don’t worry too much about narrowing your selection down to specific choices before the shoot. A creative headshot photographer loves to have lots of options and should spend time with you on the day chatting about your casting and needs, matching outfits to backdrops and working through the styling for the session with you before shooting a single frame. It’s really helpful to group outfits together into sets for each set up and to try multiple options for each – sometimes a slight change of neckline or sleeve length can make all the difference. So, don’t be afraid to pack a case and go for it!


Unless crumpled is the look you’re going for, remember to iron and pack everything carefully in advance – even if the studio has an iron you don’t want to waste precious headshot time on stubborn creases. But you do want to look professional, reliable and your absolute best in the finished images.


Think about your casting. Period drama? Gritty detective? Girl next door? Serial killer? Bring clothes that match the characters you’re looking to bring to life and will work well for those roles.


Include a simple option. It’s always useful to have a headshot you can send to anyone for anything – just a classic ‘this is me’ shot that doesn’t detract from you and your look. Plain t-shirts or jumpers in neutrals like black and grey or with a colour that complements your eyes or skin tone can work very well for this.


Don’t be afraid to be bold. Who says you can’t wear a pattern or bright colour?

Be true to your look and personality whether that’s a polka dot pullover or a simply a navy blue sweater. Do you – everyone else is taken after all!


Wear the clothes you love. We all know that horrible feeling of wearing something we don’t feel comfortable or confident in. Everything just feels that little bit off. For your headshots you want to feel relaxed, confident and that all is right with the world. If those slightly pinchy trousers or top that never quite hangs right are going to spoil your mood then they’re not welcome!


Although your headshot shoot will focus mainly on your head and shoulders it’s always good to pull back a little and shoot some wider shots that may include your hips and legs. They can be great for editorial portraits, websites, additional options and can always be cropped afterwards to create a more traditional headshot. A longer session will nearly always include some full-length portraits. So, for those shorter, one hour sessions mix and match a little and include some wardrobe options that will work with a range of tops. For longer two or three hour sessions make sure you have full-length options with some great footwear too.

Headshot sessions always work best with a little bit of planning. So, think about the kind of headshots you’re looking for – your character and casting – as well as your own personality. If you can share some wardrobe choices with your headshot photographer in advance, even better. Then bring along plenty of options that you love to wear to match and your photographer really will be in their element pulling the shoot together for you.